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Anonymous, Sat, 3 Jun 2006 at 09:49
From the web:
Poppers are a vasodialator. Cranial arteries are maintained at a constant pressure. They're the only set of vessels in the body that have the ability to expand and contract, in order to maintain a static pressure within the brain. When you sniff poppers (be it amyl, butyl or isopropyl, or whatever other -yl they've pasted onto the NO3 - there are several out there) this mechanism is defeated and the vessels relax. The rush you are feeling is blood rushing into the brain at vastly increased and abnormal pressure.
All of these functional groups are oxidizers, and they dissociate in the bloodstream. Amyl is also the smallest of the groups they use to manufacture this stuff, so it does the most damage. That said, most of what is on the market anymore isn't amyl, regardless of how they label it. I actually did a free topic project in Advanced Organic where I took several of these products and determined what was actually in the bottle.
1) Most of what is on the market isn't amyl, it's isopropyl and pentyl. Beyond that, every single sample was contaminated, both with the alcohols used in the synthesis as well as secondary reaction products. Do you really want free radicals and organic alcohols bouncing around inside your brain?
So ... if you don't mind microcapillary bursts which do not heal and are cumulative, poisoning by organic alcohol and a host of other bad things, I'd say go for it. Personally, I don't think giving myself a stroke in increments or killing brain cells is really worth it.

Steven, Fri, 9 Jun 2006 at 07:54
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