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Jungle Juice is a fun juice indeed, and this site is all dedicated to it. Chances are, you probably know why Jungle is the coolest odorizer around. But if not, just read on, and find out why Jungle Juice is a liquid incense like no other.

And yes, we are talking Jungle Juice the odorizer here... you know, the stuff that people use to... well... maybe you don't know? But anyway, here is some info about the Jungle Juice drink if that's what you've come for -- but believe you me, the Jungle we have in mind is a lot more juicy and... just a whole lot more fun! Enjoy!

Demand Only Jungle Juice Export Strength

Jungle Juice is amyl nitrite

Jungle Juice contains amyl nitrite, and that's what does the trick. Amyl delivers a smooth, warm and gradual yet completely overwhelming and powerful experience. This Jungle feeling is quite unlike the sharp, temporary rush you get from isobutyl or cyclohexyl nitrites.

It's a bit like sex: Jungle Juice is like an all-night long, sensual yet wild experience, where most other aromas compare to a quick, boring j**k off in the shower.

So why don't they put it in other aromas?

Because they can't. Genuine Jungle Juice is bottled by Locker Room Marketing in Canada, where the substance is legal as long as it's meant for export only. Most other liquids are made in the USA, where the manufacture of amyl nitrite has long been banned.

Since the ban, American aroma makers have devised new chemicals to put in their products. Nowadays, the best you can hope from any US-made brand is isobutyl -- if you are not in America, that is, because even though isobutyl can be made in and exported from the States, it cannot be sold there. Americans get cyclohexyl in their odorizers, and let's just say we are not at all keen on that one.

But I got my Jungle Juice in America?

You didn't. Or, to be more exact, you didn't get the real juice. If anybody sold you amyl Jungle, they would get the almighty FDA after them in a big way. And they wouldn't do that, because they wouldn't want to risk having their manufacturing operations shut down. Aromas themselves are hugely controversial in the States already, never mind putting banned chemicals in them.

So did they sell me a fake Jungle or something?

Yes, most definitely. Jungle Juice, just like any successful product, gets copied by those who are incapable of creating anything original. Same bottle, same label, different stuff inside -- if you got a "good" fake, anyway. Sometimes they don't even bother copying the bottle properly, they just call it "Jungle Juice". Some people notice, some people don't, but all miss out on the experience that only genuine, original bottle of Jungle Juice can deliver.

Who are the "bad guys" then?

Well, there are lots of them, especially online. Perhaps the greatest rip-off artists are the guys who wrote this page about Jungle Juice. It's suppossed to be a buyer's guide to Jungle, with "helpful" list of online retailers that sell the real juice. Well, not quite... It ain't no buyer's guide, it's just a list of these guys' own websites... and guess what Jungle they peddle? You got it: the fake... But it gets one better: they even try to convince people that the fake stuff is real and the real stuff is fake! Naughty, naughty, naugthy boys... We don't like this one bit.

Well, it just shows you: it's a real jungle out there!

Anyway, the second prize in our rip-off Jungle competition must definitely go to the people who call themselves Jenray something or other. Yep, the Jungle they've got at beproud.com ain't right either. "Be proud" not, boys! "Get a headache", more like... 'cause we know full well where you get your juice -- and the last time we looked at a map, we saw that Philly, PA was nowhere near British Columbia. Or were we on Jungle or something? Then forgive us, no offense intended! ;-)

But the naughty little devils at "beproud.com" win their second place for another reason yet: the sheer number of copycat websites they just keep rolling out: 4junglejuice.com, gay2000.com, jenraysales.com... the list could go on and on. Same sites, same people, same Jungle from hell.

Finally, the Jungle Juice poppers at realpoppers.com definitely ain't "real" either (...but we admit, we nearly got fooled by the name here... very clever tactic boys! ;-) But why don't you just go stick your cyclo-headache-hexyl rip-off right up your own nose -- 'cause we ain't buying this one either, sorry.

* More Jungle rip-offs will be exposed soon... We sure wanna keep this page juicy for you! For now, just visit the Jungle Cops page on our forum!

So where can I buy the real Jungle Juice?

PowerPoppers.com have the genuine, Canadian-bottled amyl Jungle at a very good price. They ship worldwide in plain, discreet packaging and have a reputation for an amazing customer service.

Aroma of Love also sells the real thing, as does JungleJuicePlus.com. No doubt there are other retailers of the genuine juice out there, but we just can't recommend anyone else right now.

Do let us know where you get your Jungle, or if you own a webshop selling it -- we will be happy to expand this list anytime. No kidding -- we'll add anyone who sells the real stuff. We have no commercial interest in any of the sites we've listed so far, and we don't charge anything for a listing. We are just sick and tired of all the con artists that are trying to cash in on the success of our favourite brand. (Oh, and if you sell fake Jungle Juice, do let us know, too... we'll be even happier to add you to that other list! ;-)


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Jungle Poppers

Jungle Juice Plus from the power boys at Power Poppers is a great value at $11.95 for a 15cc bottle, and you are getting the original Jungle that contains amyl nitrite. Yes, it's the genuine, Canadian-bottled, export strength juice, delivered worldwide in discreet packaging.

The lovely boys & girls at Aroma of Love also carry the real juice, and no cyclo-headache-hexyl nonsense cooked up in some monkey's bathtub.

Jungle Juice Plus is another place to check out for the real thing.

Wanna see your website here? Just let us know, but only if you sell the real Jungle Juice.

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